Celestial Innovative Solutions, LLC (CIS)

Celestial Innovative Solutions, LLC (CIS) is an agile, small business that delivers comprehensive and customized professional management and specialist support services, IT enterprise operations solutions and cybersecurity services nationwide. Our team works with the Federal, State and local Government to overcome and stay ahead of complex information security challenges as the current pace of society and technology demands. We focus on the quality which in turn quantifies the work we are able to provide customers ensuring optimal decisions. We provide our proven systems to deliver on this promise.

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Our highly-skilled consultants and engineers provide actionable, intelligent data empowering customers to manage risk with confidence. Using our program management maturity model, we work closely with customers to identify weaknesses and develop strategies to achieve improved situational awareness, security and compliance.

CIS strong corporate culture and first-class benefits including professional training, tuition reimbursement, and paid-time on attract and retain the best and brightest cybersecurity professionals. Our commitment to excellence promotes personal and professional growth and a healthy work-life balance.

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